Monday, June 8th, 2015
To our SRCHA members and fellow cow horse enthusiasts,

As we all know our 2015 show-schedule has taken a major hit due to the high cost of cattle and the reality of the lack of availability of cattle to use at our shows in general.

Your board of directors has been working hard to find a way to rectify this problem while keeping both showing at our shows and hosting one of our shows affordable for everyone. The reality is that we have to pay a LOT more for cattle this summer than we have ever had to before. We have no idea how long this increased cost will last, but the reality is, that as long as cattle are worth what they are currently worth, that people renting cattle for recreational use, like we do, are going to have to pay a lot more.

The solution that we are proposing going forward is to add an extra fee onto our regular entry fee as a “cattle surcharge”. This fee will cover the added cost of cattle for each particular show on an individual basis. Because of the fact that based on location and cattle supplier, the cost of cattle & trucking varies greatly between our different shows, this number will fluctuate to cover the added costs of cattle & trucking that each particular show-host is actually paying, and will only be used to cover the added cost of cattle & trucking alone. The intent of the surcharge is to cover the cattle costs ABOVE what is already accounted for in the regular entry fees.

Please make note of the NEW added cattle surcharge that will be added to each entry fee and will be posted with the show information as soon we know what the added cost will be for that particular show. We aim to have this information posted as early as possible so that members can make decisions as to whether they can attend the show or not. The reality is that this added cost is very likely going to add a significant amount to our entry-costs JUST TO COVER THE ADDED COST OF CATTLE that our entry fee doesn’t currently cover!! We as a board realize that some people may not be able to afford this added cost, and for that we apologize, but we cannot have a show without cattle, and this is the reality of what the cattle are costing our show hosts. An association that doesn’t have any shows is not much of an association, so we feel we must move forward in continuing to help our show-hosts hold shows for our association and the only way we can do this is to help them cover their costs. Our show-hosts have never made very much money by hosting a show ever, but we need to help them at least cover their costs and not lose a pile of money on our behalf.

Please note that our payouts will be staying at the same level as they have been in the past and should the show-hosts have any extra sponsorship that it will used to either decrease the cattle costs or put back into the payouts. If anyone is willing to help out any of our shows by helping to find added sponsorship to use for these purposes I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated by any show-host!

As for our 2015 show-season that has been cut short: our board is currently looking into some options & talking to a few show-hosts for possibly adding an extra show to our schedule for later this summer. Please stay tuned to our facebook page and website for any updates should we be able to make something work out. As soon as something is finalized we will make sure that you all know so you can plan on attending!

Thank-you all for your patience as we sort this all out. Hopefully what we have now in place will help alleviate any future problems we have with entry fees/cattle costs not matching up, and will help our show-hosts once again successfully host our shows and allow us to do what we do best and have the fun we are accustomed to having each summer!

If you have any questions about how the new cattle surcharge will work please feel free to contact Ron or I or any of our board members for a more clear explanation.

Hope to see you all in the show-pen again SOON!
Noreen Fenske
SRCHA sec/treas


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